leadership team.

  • Zheng Zhu

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Zheng is a video codec developer with multiple exists, patents & publications to his credit.
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  • Zoe Liu

    President & Co-Founder
    Zoe designed video codecs & real-time communications solutions at Google, Apple, & Nokia.
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  • Gerry Lee

    Gerry built the cloud-based AI+Video product that served enterprise customers like ByteDance.
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  • Cheney Qu

    VP, Product & BD
    Cheney has deployed high scale video apps for more than 50 enterprise companies.
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  • Tony Zhao

    CEO & Co-Founder at Agora.io
    Visionular has a head start shaking up the video technology market.
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  • Xuhui Shao

    Managing Partner at Tsingyuan Ventures
    Visionular’s founders are world-class technologists in the field of video & AI.
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At Tsingyuan Ventures, we believe in startup companies that ride the transformative power of major technology shifts such as deep learning in computer vision. Visionular’s founders are world-class technologists in their field of video codec and AI-driven optimization. We feel privileged to support their adventure with our resources and experience.

Xuhui Shao Tsingyuan Ventures
Dr. Xuhui Shao
Managing Partner, Tsingyuan Ventures

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