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At Visionular, we know that you are an innovator who is using video to delight more customers by providing an unmatched streaming experience. But to do that, you must produce the smallest size files possible at the highest quality.

The problem is that not all video encoding technology works as promised, which makes you feel uncertain about adopting new standards and solutions.

We believe that innovation and operational excellence are possible. In fact, this is a primary motivator for our passionate engineering team to continue pushing the performance, efficiency, and quality bounds on the standards of AV1, HEVC, and H.264.

We understand that delivering video at scale with high quality requires a tremendous breadth of image science, codec development and optimization, and video streaming expertise. The kind of knowledge that gets amassed over multiple decades and only after tackling the biggest video challenges.

For this reason, we’ve retained the brightest minds from Google, Apple, Nokia Research, Kingsoft, Arcsoft, Intervideo, and other well-established video innovators to address the problem all video streaming engineers face, how to produce the highest quality video at the lowest bitrate.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Our codec engineers are continuously optimizing the video-core coding algorithms in our AV1, H.265/HEVC, and H.264/AVC codecs for user scenarios ranging from Video on Demand, broadcast-quality live streaming, and low latency RTC interactive communications.
  • We are experts on three codec standards, AV1, H.265/HEVC, and H.264/AVC since these formats provide the broadest coverage for all streaming video use cases today.
  • We build our solutions for deployment in the data center, public cloud, and end-user devices, including PCs and mobile devices. We provide on-premise software and SDKs, and we offer SaaS APIs for cloud transcoding services.

Our team wakes up every day, energized to engineer the best, most scalable video solutions.

We believe video processing can facilitate higher quality encoding through advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning.

Contact us now for a demonstration of how you can stop wasting bits and reduce your bandwidth and storage costs while improving the quality of the video that you deliver.


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At Tsingyuan Ventures, we believe in startup companies that ride the transformative power of major technology shifts such as deep learning in computer vision. Visionular’s founders are world-class technologists in their field of video codec and AI-driven optimization. We feel privileged to support their adventure with our resources and experience.

Xuhui Shao Tsingyuan Ventures
Dr. Xuhui Shao
Managing Partner, Tsingyuan Ventures

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