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We are passionate video codec engineers who build the best AV1, HEVC, & H.264 video encoders on the planet.
Visionular home page slider image We are passionate video codec engineers who build the best AV1, HEVC, & H.264 video encoders on the planet. video encoding
technology for scale.

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visionular auroracloud transcoder

AV1 – 1.0 Mbps

Watch the Aurora1 AV1 encoder compared to x265.

HEVC – 1.5 Mbps

See our Aurora5 HEVC encoder compared to x265.

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H.264 – 2.5 Mbps

Watch our Aurora4 H.264 encoder compared to x264.

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what we do.


Video Artificial Intelligence

Our team has worked in the Google AI Lab. We know a thing or two about how to leverage AI so that you can deliver higher quality video that delights your users with a better UX.

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Video Encoding Solutions

We are active developers and contributors to the new AV1 codec standard, and were the primary contributor to the algorithm design and software implementation of QY265.

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Video Processing Technology

We’ve built image processing technology for companies like Apple, Google, Intervideo, and Kingsoft. We’ve served enterprise customers including Tencent, Baidu, and ByteDance.

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case studies

MSU names Aurora1 the top
AV1 codec implementation.

Our Aurora1 AV1 encoder was found to be the most efficient and performant AV1 codec implementation by Moscow State University. In this widely regarded study, Aurora1 surpassed libaom, SVT-AV1, x265 (HEVC), and libvpx (VP9) for video quality and bitrate efficiency.

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we are video experts.

Push play to watch our Co-Founder Zoe Liu discuss ML for AV1 and RTC applications.

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company overview.

Video Experts

Our expertise is video compression, codec development and optimization, ML and AI, image processing, cloud video infrastructure, GPU, and FPGA video based applications.

Global Team

Our growth is propelled by leading video technology investors and the founders of Zoom and We have offices in Silicon Valley, Hangzhou, and Beijing.


We are an engineering-driven company that delivers advanced video technology for use with low-latency RTC services, premium VOD and live streaming, video sharing apps, and more.


We deliver our technologies in the form of video codec SDKs for AV1, HEVC, and H.264. In addition to providing the most advanced video encoding engines, we offer a video cloud SaaS transcoder.

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